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Essential Guide to Cybersecurity Compliance

💡Not all compliance standards are the same. To understand your organization’s responsibilities and identify the compliance standards that are right for you, check out this excellent article:


Supporting device needs for Healthcare Providers

This is how you can support device needs for healthcare providers with @Microsoft Surface. 👩‍⚕️🙌 Check out this solution brief to discover how these devices can empower you to deliver even better patient care. If you’d like details on available Surface devices, contact TeraCloud, Inc. today.


Top 10 Ways to Secure Your Business Data

Microsoft 365 offers a full range of security capabilities such as advanced threat protection for endpoints, email, collaboration and information protection. Here are 10 ways the different subscriptions help you secure your business data 👇 Tell us if you’d like to discuss your various options with one of TeraCloud, Inc.’s @Microsoft experts.

Shifting tactics fuel surge in business email compromise

Unlock 🔐 the secrets of business email compromise (BEC)! Discover the shifting tactics of sophisticated cyber criminals and protect your business. Stay ahead of threats with valuable insights. Read this eye-opening article from @Microsoft Security Insider:

Azure Virtual Desktop Watermarking Support

What do you know about the watermarking feature in @Azure Virtual Desktop? This blog shows how you can use it to protect digital assets from illicit copying including screen capture. Read and learn.


Surface for Government: Empower Government Employees

As the government sector adapts to hybrid work, @Microsoft @Surface devices are here to empower your workforce. From frontline heroes to back-office staff, Surface offers unparalleled productivity, collaboration, and security. Discover how organizations like Somerset County Council leverage Surface for a transformative impact. Ready to elevate your government operations? Explore the Surface portfolio and connect with TeraCloud, Inc. now!