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Virtual Desktops on Microsoft Azure

@Microsoft Azure? Read this super-short blog for a list of 4 functions and to learn how to get started.

@Microsoft Azure


Transform the way you engage

Transform the way you engage. Read this informative flyer, brought to you by TeraCloud, Inc., to learn how #healthcare professionals can benefit from the secure @Microsoft @Surface portfolio of devices—with cloud-scale remote firmware management and enterprise-grade #security.


Advancing Integrations with Threat Intelligence

What do you do when you’re hit by ransomware?

For many Microsoft customers, the answer is Microsoft’s Detection and Response Team (DART).

TeraCloud, Inc. invites you to watch this video to learn how DART handles cyber-attacks.

Then comment to find out how we can help solve your cyber-security concerns.

Strabag SE builds a risk management solution to improve efficiency using Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Global construction leader, Strabag SE, embraced the power of Microsoft Azure to revolutionize their operations, boosting efficiency and enhancing scalability!

Their AI-based risk management solution has accurately predicted potential project failures with an impressive 80% accuracy using only 3 months of data, allowing Strabag to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs globally. Read the customer story to see how they are shaping the future of construction with data-driven strategies! 🚀


Mobility you can trust

Mobility you can trust. Download this infographic, brought to you by TeraCloud, Inc., to learn how the @Microsoft @Surface portfolio of devices provides outstanding #security within the devices’ hardware—as well as which 5 protection measures are critical to have in a secure mobile device.


Free Cyber Threat Hunting Bootcamp Consultation

Do you have a back door or other threats planted in your IT systems?

Learn how our training can help you find, assess and remove threats from your organization.

TeraCloud, Inc. invites you to schedule a free Cyber Threat Hunting Bootcamp Consultation with one of our threat hunting experts.

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What is Azure OpenAI Service?

The global generative AI market is projected to reach almost $54 BILLION 😲in the not-too-distant future. Get this infographic for an at-a-glance of the top ways @Microsoft customers innovate with Azure OpenAI Service. In what ways do you see innovating with Azure OpenAI Service at your organization?


Move your desktops to the cloud with Citrix and Microsoft Azure

Transitioning your Citrix Virtual Desktops to Azure couldn’t be any easier or more cost-effective than what you’ll see in this video. Watch for insight on how together, @Microsoft Azure and @Citrix enable #hybrid multi-cloud to give Citrix Virtual Desktop users broad support for resources on-prem and in Azure with a streamlined management interface.

@Microsoft Azure