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Modern Endpoint Management: Why ‘built in’ is better than ‘bolt on’

IT teams need a modern approach to device management, one that seamlessly integrates all components, from the chip to the cloud. Learn how Surface has been designed with built-in support for simplified modern management of the entire device lifecycle. #SurfaceforBusiness

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Accelerate Your Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment

Find out  how to accelerate your  move  to the cloud with #WindowsVirtualDesktop. Learn  how to get started quickly and securely with features that simplify the deployment  and experience  of desktop and app virtualization on Azure. Register for a virtual event here to learn more!


Surface makes deployment simple  

Microsoft makes deployment simple. With “zero-touch,” Surface devices go from factory-sealed to work-ready in a matter of minutes. #SurfaceForBusiness

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Windows Virtual Desktop

Looking for the most cost effective, seamless way to move to the cloud? Access this video to learn why #WindowsVirtualDesktop is your best solution. Contact TeraCloud, Inc. for more information.



The workplace is changing, and Surface is too. Get practical guidance for keeping your business up and running and for the most out of Microsoft technology investments. #SurfaceForBusiness

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Windows Virtual Desktop Experience Estimator

Organizations understand there are benefits to remote work, especially with the secure and reliable #WindowsVirtualDesktop from #Microsoft Azure.

Access this tool to estimate the connection round trip time from your current location, through the Windows Virtual Desktop service, to each Azure region in which you can deploy virtual machines. Also access resources such as technical documentation and quickstarts, videos, and blogs.

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Give IT peace of mind with Surface Laptop Go

Have confidence that data is safe. Surface Laptop Go has simplified security with One Touch sign-in on the Fingerprint Power Button. #SurfaceForBusiness

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Bertrandt’s HARRI is a self-driving success, thanks to Microsoft Azure

Maps that precisely plot road signs, traffic lights, lanes, and sidewalks within a few centimeters—that’s the sort of data-intensive information required to make Bertrandt’s self-driving car project HARRI a reality. And it took Microsoft Azure Services to tame the tremendous flood of data needed to drive HARRI, as a small map’s worth of data with this level of detail would overwhelm the vehicle’s on-board storage capabilities. Azure DevOps facilitated the creation of the exacting software for this solution by coordinating the work of development, operations, and quality assurance teams.