Co-Managed IT Services

What Is Co-Managed IT Service and
How Does It Fit My Business?

Co-Managed IT

A common misconception among business owners is that there are only two options for IT management; internal staff or an external IT managed-service provider. For the most part, those are the two most common scenarios. Lately, we are seeing more and more businesses of all sizes combining IT staff with an external IT contractor. This can give business owners the best of both worlds.

 With an internal IT manager, a business owner has an integrated team member who understands the industry, business strategy, long and short-term goals. Supporting your IT Manager with an outside service team gives you a strategic partnership. This is called Co-Managed Services and it can be a win-win solution for growing businesses. TeraCloud Co-Managed IT may be right for you!

As a part of data center outsourcing, you can outsource anything and everything from managed hosting, database administration, and application performance monitoring to managed storage and systems management service providers. You can also choose to outsource your data center on a multi-year or annual basis.
Services that allow you to plan effectively for the future. Instead of just maintaining your IT environment, we will help you design, manage, and implement strategic projects to help you improve and grow.
Services that keep an eye on your systems, spot threats before they take effect, and neutralize them.

Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure IaaS & PaaS, and a range of other Cloud solutions that offer a secure, user-friendly experience for you and your staff members. We take the load of your IT team so they can focus on tasks.

Co-Managed IT Services: Get The Extra Help You Need, When You Need IT​

Whether your project is being held up by a lack of time, a lack of money, or a lack of another key resource, the end result is that your business is falling behind. Get the extra resources you need and stay on track with Co-Managed IT.