Microsoft Digital Defense Report

Cyber-crime gangs and nation-state sponsored attacks are rising. Ransomware is ubiquitous. What other threats do you need to know about? Get this @Microsoft report and learn how to identify and prevent emerging cyber-threats.

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Cybersecurity professionals need to keep up to date on the latest cyber-threat trends. This report from Microsoft analysts covers the threat landscape from IoT and infrastructure threats to disinformation campaigns, ransomware, and guidelines for thwarting these complex new threats.

Each chapter provides the key lessons learned and insights based on Microsoft’s unique vantage point. The trillions of signals that Microsoft analyzes from its worldwide ecosystem of products and services reveal the ferocity, scope, and scale of digital threats across the globe.

You and your security team can read this comprehensive report on threats and Microsoft technologies that identify and block billions of phishing attempts, identity thefts, and other cyber-threats to Microsoft customers.

View: Microsoft Digital Defense Report

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