Remote Working & Internal Messaging

Getting control of your remote works isn't hard if you get proficient in these areas.

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There’s no way around it.

1.Enable Teams anywhereDid you know that 76% of SMBs implemented changes, most commonly to a working-from-home model, between April and May 2020 alone?1 Organizations are pivoting to remote work to put safety first. So, we need to set your customers up to work safely from home. With the help of Microsoft 365 Business and the Teams app you can help your customers work virtually anytime, anywhere, on any device.Learn more about how to get your customers chatting, meeting, calling, and collaborating all on Teams on our US SMB Modern Workplace page.  2.Manage and secure accessWith the sudden spike in the need for remote access to cloud and on-premises apps, customers need infrastructure that is flexible and secure. Hosting servers or virtualizing desktops in Azure comes with state-of-the-art security to keep confidential information safe and prevent outside attacks, no matter where employees are working from or what network they are connecting to. Plus, Azure’s flexible design will allow you to add new services or features so that you can grow at pace with your customers.Find more ways to accommodate your customers’ cloud needs on the US SMB Azure

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