The new Anywhere Office

Employees may work from a different location every day – from the office, to home, to a customer site, or in the field. Help them work from anywhere with devices they love while reducing complexity for IT. #SurfaceForBusiness

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How & why to enable the Cortana daily briefing on Windows 10


I love this feature. It’s like a having an assistant remind you every morning of any commitments you may have made the day or week before, and helps you find focus time so you can carve out an hour or two to accomplish a task or finish that project you just haven’t able to finish. […]

5 Ways to Be More Efficient While Working From Home

Working from home -TeraCloud Managed IT Services and Security

While working from home, it can be easy for the day to slip away. But there are ways you can be more efficient. Optimize your time away from the office and be productive even if you are sitting at the kitchen table by trying these 5 tips from Entrepreneur. Suggestions include establishing a routine, determining priorities, eliminating distractions, and more.