Why Your Elevator Pitch Isn’t Working

It's a simple question that pops up suddenly and usually from a stranger. How prepared are you when asked the question, "What do you do?" or "What's your business?" Although we know it's coming, too often too many responses are not on point. Elevator pitches take time and thought-process to formulate, and there are definite ways of gauging how the recipient is understanding your response. Author Anna Johansson shares unique ways of looking at your pitch—with suggestions on how to differentiate yours from the rest. Read her article, "Why Your Elevator Pitch Isn't Working."

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The easy part is remembering what an elevator pitch is: a short, catchy way to describe your business when you don’t have time to elaborate details (as in an elevator ride). The difficult part is knowing how to deliver one. This article highlights a few aspects that can go wrong with your elevator pitch, along with solutions to make sure that in your short window of time, you’re communicating an intentional message.

For example, author Anna Johansson writes that too often the “bottom line” of a pitch isn’t apparent, and though it will vary depending on your audience, it should also be clear what it is: “For investors, it’s either profitability or longevity. For clients, it’s often a proposed solution to a real problem.” As Johansson states, you must know who you’re talking with—and adjust your pitch accordingly. Easy to understand, harder to do. She provides good tips on how to create, polish, and tweak a distinctive elevator pitch

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