Surface for Business delivers defense in depth

Even the most vigilant organization can use a partner to proactively help defend against security flaws and malware. Stay secure and maintain control, from chip to cloud, with security from Microsoft. #SurfaceForBusiness Learn more about Surface for Business 

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Are the security precautions you have in place today sufficient to stop a thief from extracting valuable information or credentials from an employee’s laptop? Improving security is a top driver of IT investments in the year ahead. In an age of rising security threats, businesses need protection across multiple layers.

Even the most vigilant organization can use a partner to proactively help defend against security flaws and malware. Modern Windows-based devices, such as Microsoft Surface, contain sophisticated, mature hardware and firmware designed for securing the device and the software that runs on it. With built-in protection at every layer, Surface implements every standard for a highly secure Windows 10 device. With Surface, you can be confident that you have the best, most streamlined implementation of Microsoft’s security stack.

Contact us to learn how Microsoft Surface devices and Microsoft 365 work together to protect your business, your people, and your data—wherever work happens.

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