Plan a successful cloud adoption with a well-defined strategy

The first step in any cloud migration is to define your motivation. Check out the @Microsoft webinar for important next steps. When you're done with the webinar, the experts at TeraCloud, Inc. are available to give you a one-on-one walkthrough of Microsoft Azure. Contact us when you're ready. #Azure #Microsoft

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A successful cloud migration strategy makes it seamless for companies to move applications and data from an on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Listen to this Microsoft Azure webinar to learn how to plan a successful cloud adoption with a well-defined strategy.

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Security is Only as Good as Your Weakest Link

A recent study revealed that 50% of people admit to letting family and friends use their work-issued device. Read the blog for more insight 💡 on the “human factor” as the weakest link in security and contact a TeraCloud, Inc. @Microsoft Security expert for a deeper dive.