PARETO: A Technical Analysis

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HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team has been investigating a CTV-centric botnet—dubbed PARETO—since the first half of 2020. The botnet took advantage of the shift to digital accelerated by the pandemic by hiding in the noise in order to trick advertisers and technology platforms into believing that ads were being shown on CTVs. Today, we’re revealing technical details of PARETO’s inner workings in an effort to help the industries impacted better understand the nature of the threat and how to prevent it from recurring in the future.REFERENCES:, Botnet, Android, Smart TVMALWARE FAMILY:ParetoATT&CK IDS:T1566 – Phishing, T1036 – Masquerading, T1104 – Multi-Stage Channels, T1102 – Web Service, T1583.005 – Botnet, T1037 – Boot or Logon Initialization Scripts, T1537 – Transfer Data to Cloud Account

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