IDC Whitepaper: Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics Becoming a Critical Source of Vendor Differentiation in Enterprise Storage

A new IDC survey finds 74% of organizations interested in using cloud-based predictive analytics to increase autonomous operations to drive improved productivity. Learn all their findings and the real value companies are seeing from AI/ML in the full report.

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As enterprise storage vendors focus on driving improved customer experiences across their installed bases, cloud-based predictive analytics platforms are replacing traditional remote monitoring. This white paper defines cloud-based predictive analytics, discusses evolving storage requirements driving their rise, and looks at how these platforms drive incremental value for customers in performance, availability, management, recovery and IT infrastructure planning. It dives deep into the advantages of the HPE InfoSight cloud-based predictive analytics platform, highlighting how it drives value for customers.

View: IDC Whitepaper: Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics Becoming a Critical Source of Vendor Differentiation in Enterprise Storage

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