How to get up and running quickly with Microsoft Surface

Choose a Microsoft® Surface® device that's right for you. Surface devices are designed to cater to different industries, working styles, and personal preferences. From 2-in-1 mobile pads and compact laptops to powerful desktops for permanent workstations, professionals can select a device that meets their needs. Microsoft offers guidance in deployment and device management, which ensures seamless usage in work environments. Check out this infographic, provided by TeraCloud, Inc., to learn more about Surface products.

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This infographic serves as a guide for selecting Microsoft Surface devices and related services. Presented as a flow chart, individuals can choose from a 2-in-1 mobile device, compact laptop, and a complete desktop. The second part of the infographic allows users to choose between individual or mass deployment, which includes zero-touch deployment. The final stage offers a selection of device management options: cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises. Contact us today for more information about choosing Microsoft Surface products for your business.

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