malware and ransomware is costing companies millions and months of downtime

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In fact EVERY company is at risk. Ransomware, malware and other cyber attacks are taking down companies, hospitals and even entire municipalities every day. That's because they weren't ready.

know Where You Stand

Most companies we talk with didn't know the current state of their information and communication systems. That leaves them vulnerable. Our checkup will tell you exactly where more work is needed to prevent a disaster.

Cyber Health Checkup
Know Your Options

During the checkup, we'll provide real solutions that you can implement immediately to make your company more secure. There's no obligation, and you'll know your options.

15 Minutes
is Nothing

Especially when this checkup could potentially save you weeks (or more) of downtime from an active threat in the future. Not to mention the expense. See what's really going on in your company, and get the recommendations to secure it right.

Your 15 Minute Cyber Health Checkup is 100% Free

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A TeraCloud team member will conduct the checkup with you over the phone.  Then we’ll follow up with a report that provides your risk level and focuses on recommended solutions.  Again, there’s never any obligation.  You’ll feel better knowing what needs work, and if you would like us to help, we’ll put together a solution.  Let’s get started!

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