Eaton’s Vehicle Group Uses Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality to Drive Savings, Efficiencies

Mixed reality is erasing time, distance, travel costs and doubts in the manufacturing industry. Read the blog to learn how power management company Eaton is accelerating the adoption of innovative and high-impact technologies through @Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides on HaloLens 2. Providers of Microsoft Dynamics 365, TeraCloud, Inc. can help you understand the many benefits mixed reality can bring to your organization. Get in touch. #MSDyn365

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Eaton is a global diversified industrial company that prides itself on being dedicated to improving lives and the environment with power-management technologies.

Read the blog to learn how Eaton’s Vehicle Group kicked off a mixed-reality global deployment using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides on Microsoft HoloLens 2. Not only did Eaton meet its initial goals, it also saw unexpected outcomes that impact the way it does business.

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