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Cloud Assessment

Our Assessments use industry-leading tools to complete a detailed analysis of your IT environment. We uncover everything from the suitability of workloads for migration, and manage running costs post migration.

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Microsoft Azure

On-premises, hybrid, multicloud, or at the edge—we create secure, future-ready cloud solutions for businesses just like yours utilizing the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service platform, a robust, highly scaleable solution built for business.

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Cloud Migration

Leverage TeraCloud's industry leading security, compliance, and engineering experience to quickly deploy preconfigured cloud infrastructure that meets your toughest security and compliance requirements.

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Microsoft 365

Want to get the most out of you Microsoft 365 tenant? We are experts with SharePoint, Teams, PowerAutomate, PowerBI and all the reset of the Microsoft stack. We can identify manual processes and create business automations that deliver real ROI.

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Cloud Cost Management

Achieve a successful cloud migration by aligning business and technical goals to a cloud strategy, mapping workloads to the right cloud infrastructure, forecasting spend and setting budgets.

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Cloud Security

Ok, you have completed your journey to the Cloud. You no longer have a room full of blinking lights, whirring noises or the need to make sure everything stays cool. But are you secure? Did you know that the Cloud can expose you to threats you have not considered?