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Do your employees have the ability to access any desktop and application from any device, in any location? They should. Watch the @Microsoft #Azure Virtual Desktop video and when you're done watching, contact a Microsoft AVD expert at TeraCloud, Inc. for next steps. #avd #microsoftazure

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It’s important to note that Microsoft invests over $1 billion in security every year and has over 3,500 security experts dedicated to enhancing customer security. Watch the demo video to learn how to get started with Azure Virtual Desktop and how the platform allows access to the latest and greatest security tools available.

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Security is Only as Good as Your Weakest Link

A recent study revealed that 50% of people admit to letting family and friends use their work-issued device. Read the blog for more insight 💡 on the “human factor” as the weakest link in security and contact a TeraCloud, Inc. @Microsoft Security expert for a deeper dive.