URGENT NEWS about an upcoming Microsoft update coming 2/9!!!

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Summary The Netlogon Remote Protocol (also called MS-NRPC) is an RPC interface that is used exclusively by domain-joined devices. MS-NRPC includes an authentication method and a method of establishing a Netlogon secure channel. These updates enforce the specified Netlogon client behavior to use secure RPC with Netlogon secure channel between member computers and Active Directory (AD) […]

How & why to enable the Cortana daily briefing on Windows 10


I love this feature. It’s like a having an assistant remind you every morning of any commitments you may have made the day or week before, and helps you find focus time so you can carve out an hour or two to accomplish a task or finish that project you just haven’t able to finish. […]

How not to become a ransomware victim

By: Eric Long So, we head into 2021 with uncertainty, except for the fact that businesses of all types and sizes will continue to be a target for the next hack. Your businesses does not have to deal with this if you take precautions and implement a sound security (and recovery if necessary) strategy. Don’t […]